LinkOn Group

At LinkOn, we want to challenge all the standards that were set and state that we can create better and become better. It is our number one goal to continue innovating and embracing change. We are strong believers in rising by lifting others. Our mission is to improve the lives of those in small and big communities. Our team consists of talented individuals who have over a decade of experience working with companies such as CiscoMicrosoft, PayPalHBOAppleAFD and T-Mobile with proficiency ranging from Communication, Sales, Networking, IT Administration, Network Security, Systems Development, and Project Management.

Who We Are 

LinkOn Group is a USA Based Digital Marketing & Solutions Company. We bring the latest world class technology to Afghanistan. Our creative services include Local Search, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, eLearning, Media, with more to come. Our initiatives are designed to help bring communities together and help businesses grow. Our ambitions go beyond to wherever we can help job creation in Afghanistan, so that we all could build a brighter future. We know that the path we have taken is not an easy one, and that is exactly the reason we are taking it. Bringing positive and lasting change that one can be proud of is hard work and we are not afraid to work hard. 

Our Vision

Community First

We put the community before everything else. We take pride in our diversity and inclusion. We have programs and plans in place to encourage community growth in cities and provinces. We are working hard every day to make sure everyone we work with or come across of knows that we are all same no matter of what city or province we are from and that diversity is our strength. 

Hire Locally

We prioritize local talent & aim to create jobs in every neighborhood in Afghanistan. We are looking forward to hiring people from all ethnic backgrounds. Our plans include hiring both experienced employees as well as recently graduated students. One of our top priorities is to also empower women of Afghanistan. The unemployment rate in Afghanistan is unfortunately very high right now and we want to change that in as many areas as we can. Creating jobs is very important for LinkOn. 

Trust and Security

We prioritize your security and have taken many measures to make sure that your information is always secure. Our US and EU security certificates have all been reviewed by respected agencies and are approved at its highest standards. Our "Privacy Policy" and "Terms and Conditions" can give you a more detailed look at how we make sure your most important assets are kept secure.