Exclusive Launch Offer

SearchAFG App and Website is the beginning of many important initiatives led by LinkOn Group to help bring communities together, help businesses grow, and create jobs in Afghanistan. SearchAFG App has been years in the making to perfect it for consumer use. We help businesses grow by providing them with necessary tools to succeed and making it easy for customers to reach them. Our goal is to improve the lives of those in small and big communities.

The Challenge

At the moment, the only way most businesses are getting discovered in Afghanistan is either by word of mouth or if someone passed by the business. Most of the businesses are hidden from the walking traffic. For them, it's too expensive to pay hundreds of dollars for few seconds of TV ads.

The biggest problem is that the customers have no way of looking-up businesses. Finding the right business at the right time has proven to be difficult. Even when you do find a place, getting to the location presents its own challenges. Businesses of all types are affected including but not limited to; Restaurants, Hotels, Electronic Stores, Grocery Stores, Small Businesses, etc.

For example:

You want to try a new restaurant with family or friends. You think of a few places that you have passed by and are thinking of going there. You have arrived with your family or friends only to find out that the restaurant is not what you hoped for. You didn't have a way to research the place and what previous customers had said.

If you are looking for a cardiologist or a dermatologist who has experience and good reviews, it is nearly impossible to find them on your own.

If you are a small business owner and in search of a wholesaler, you are out of luck unless you got referred by someone.

Our Solution

Imagine a tool where you can locate what you need, when you need it. SearchAFG will change the way people search for services in Afghanistan. Our aim is to be the missing link between businesses and customers. With SearchAFG customers will be looking up to find your business and GPS navigation will bring them right to your doorsteps.

SearchAFG will help build a personalized page for your business and provide you with a quick training on how to maintain it. Our team will be working hard to provide the best services for both you and your customers. We designed the app to be the most convenient connection for all of the SearchAFG users. Needless to say, that the app will be free to download and use. For a small monthly fee, businesses like yours will have a webpage that will be up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

From the best restaurant to the next best restaurant, from a convenient store to a grocery store, from a small clinic to the biggest hospital, from an antique store to a travel agency, we will be covering every business in every province. We are going to be the go-to place to locate anything.

Our Advantages

We are revolutionizing the way people search for anything in Afghanistan. We are providing a one-stop shop for all of their needs. By doing so we are also bringing communities together, creating jobs, and encouraging new businesses develop.

Convenience: We are providing convenience to you and your customers by creating an easy to search, find, and navigate application and website. GPS turn by turn navigation will bring your customers right to your doorsteps.

Control: We will give a lot of control to you so that you can display what you want to display about your business.

Training: We will provide you with training opportunities that will help boost your sales.

Premium Ads: Since we have the tools to notify any consumer, we have the expertise to give them the best advice on where to go next. We offer different packages of professional advertisements in addition to the premium ads, on the app, and social media.

In person support: In addition to online and phone call services and support, a member of our sales team can come to you in order to register your business and provide a quick "How to use and maintain business page."

Marketing: With a great deal of experience, we have a lot of possibilities with our parent company LinkOn who will be doing most of the heavy work when it comes to marketing. Our goal is to be the go-to app in order to find anything. We are certain that SearchAFG will be the most popular app in Afghanistan and it will revolutionize the way people find any business they are looking for.