Digital Marketing

After 10 years of consulting with businesses as Digital Marketing Agency, we have created a few marketing packages that offer Local Businesses everything they need and eliminated all the things they don’t. It’s a combination of simple yet effective software that is backed by our team at LinkOn Group, ensuring your business has everything it needs to succeed in Digital Marketing. You can find our most popular Small Business Marketing Packages at  SearchAFG. We always have more ways to put your business front and center here at LinkOn digital marketing, so contact us and we can find the best solution for you. 

What Package Is Right for Your Business?

Before we get into this, we’d like to ask you a few questions: What are your priorities? Who are your targeted customers? What’s your budget? We can help you decide which package is the best fit, but first we need to learn more about your business.

We’ve been helping businesses with marketing projects for over 10 years and we can tell you that each project we take on is unique. We take a general approach to cover the basics. After the basics are covered, we dive in to creating a unique experience for your customers and your business with our, what we call, DPP (Deep Personalization Program.)

We have worked hard to master all popular social media platforms. We are proficient in Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. We can help you design your poster, home page photos, and create professional videos.  

We’re here to help you achieve your goals – and do it at a reasonable price.

Already have a business page on SearchAFG or about to SignUp?

Nice work! Every business is in a different stage when it comes to their marketing and that’s why we at LinkOn offer custom solutions ranging from content creation, social media strategy, conversion optimization, digital advertising and more. You can select what feature or combination of features fits best for your business on the following link Advertise With Us  at SearchAFG – if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we can help you customize the right package for your business and provide guidance for how to use it best to your benefit. Get in touch with us to discuss the best approach for your business, we would love to chat with you.