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Find great places to stay, eat, shop, or visit from Afghanistan's local experts.

  1. LinkOn Group

    LinkOn Group

    At LinkOn, we want to challenge all the standards that were set and state that we can create better and become better. It is our number one goal to continue innovating and embracing change. We are strong believers in rising by lifting others. Our mission is to improve the lives of those in small and big communities...

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  2. Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    After 10 years of consulting with businesses as Digital Marketing Agency, we have created a few marketing packages that offer Local Businesses everything they need and eliminated all the things they don’t. It’s a combination of simple yet effective software that is backed by our team at LinkOn Group, ensuring your business has everything it needs to succeed in...

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  3. Exclusive Launch Offer

    Exclusive Launch Offer

    SearchAFG App and Website is the beginning of many important initiatives led by LinkOn Group to help bring communities together, help businesses grow, and create jobs in Afghanistan. SearchAFG App has been years in the making to perfect it for consumer use. We help businesses grow by providing them with necessary tools to succeed and making...

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